GameScent AI Device Lets You Smell Game World, From Rain To Gunfire

Ever wondered how games like The Last of Us, Call of Duty or even the current hot favourite Helldivers 2 smell like? You’re about to find out with a surprising new invention. GameScent, a new AI device, claims to be compatible with “every game or movie ever released” and will fill your room with scents depending on what’s happening on-screen.


The device is powered by AI, and relies on audio cues to automatically release scents, and for starters, the current box set comes with gunfire, explosion, racing, clean air, ocean, and forest scents, with additional scents as an add-on. Additional scents include ocean, napalm, fresh cut grass, human exertion, blood, and big city, which will likely be sold separately.

However, once the scent bottles in the device run out, you’ll have to buy refills, which could be troublesome for action-packed games that have explosions and gunfire galore. A ‘clean air’ scent clears out the air after a long gameplay session, so your room won’t smell like gunfire even after you log off.

A GameScent device has a rather hefty price tag, retailing for S$236 on Amazon SG, or US$149.99 on Amazon US, but if you’re willing to make this investment in the name of street cred, it could revolutionise your gameplay sensory experience.