Gam3.Asia is here to serve all of Singapore’s PC Gaming Needs

Given the loss of Funan DigitaLife Mall, many retailers have gone their separate ways and it’s hard to find a one-stop physical stop to give the latest tech products a go before purchase. Similar to pretty much everything else in real life, having a hands on with a product is the best thing to do especially if you’re a gamer because apart from skill, hardware is the next integral component when it comes to gaming success.

Enter Gam3.Asia. Pro Concepts has brought together a variety of gaming brands under one umbrella, not unlike a department store. Pretty much all the bigger players from the gaming arena have come together to provide an end to end solution to all your gaming needs in Singapore, save the ground up custom option.

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The bigger purpose of Gam3.Asia, apart from the retail side of things, would be providing gamers with a space to call their own. Despite Singapore’s small size, the eSports and gaming community at large is mostly fragmented, so hopefully this new venue would give every enthusiast a venue to converge upon. From what we’ve seen, the eSports area is generously spaced and would look to be home to many awesome gaming events in the future. All the correct elements are in place and it’s time for the community to take full advantage of the opportunity.


With a huge main screen and synchronized displays to watch your favourite player’s screen, this eSports setup is similar to what we seen from tournaments overseas and there’s even a casters booth on the premises itself. While the floor space might be a tricky issue once we have proper seating installed into the venue, it’s a good start for a company that has always focused on retail and their efforts to build community has to be lauded with the creation of the Singapore eSports League.


Retail would be the lifeforce of this initiative and as mentioned earlier, all the big boys are all here. If you’re looking to try the latest and greatest, there couldn’t be a better locale to get all your gaming needs in one place.


Razer has a huge retail presence overseas and now, Singaporeans have one to call their own. When it comes to gaming hardware, nothing beats being able to kick the tires and see if the accessories work for you. From what I’ve seen, Razer has stocked pretty much everything and they love showing off their Chroma concept which is why the experience is way dimmer than everything else around them.


Hopefully, this venue would give Razer a chance to show off their latest products to the cult before anything else like the Razer Ornata seen above.

If not for Gam3.Asia, I wouldn’t have had a chance to touch and feel Razer’s membrane-based mechanical keyboard. Oh, and that integrated palmrest is quite something. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to take a closer look at the product soon.


Logitech is also staking their claim to the gaming market as well and they would be giving gamers a chance to actually trial run the hardware with games before an actual purchase.

Start them young.

All the latest offerings from Logitech would be here as well, and from the reviews that you’ve seen from Geek Culture, the company certainly has been doing well in our eyes and this is great for them to get their products out front and centre.


We’re drawn more to accessories naturally but it all starts from the main gaming rig and you’ll get plenty of choice with the industry staples with Alienware, Asus and MSI.


It’s nice to see how all various manufacturers tackle gaming computers and Alienware has been one of the most recognizable in the industry. These retail fronts should give the community a good idea why they should consider a pre-made as opposed to a custom.


Desktop or notebook, the choice is really yours, we’d say the real difference here is the case aesthetic and Alienware does make some of the most best looking devices around.


MSI has been doing really well in recent times but their branding still needs some more work. It’s nice to see them coming out in force at recent gaming events such as STGCC and GameStart. However, price might be a big concern for these folks who’ve yet to really establish themselves in this region.


Asus has been consistently rolling out beast after beast with their Republic of Gamers range of devices and it’s coming out all in force at Gam3.Asia. From displays, CPUs and Notebooks, Asus has the most complete range when it comes to manufacturers. We’ve also covered them extensively on our site, so it might be well worth the time to pay them a visit to have a look if the hardware performs as well as we’ve described.


The ROG GT51, now displayed in all it’s glory to show off to the world what Asus can do. It’s definitely the head turner that your wallet might gravitate to.

Having all of the competing brands side by side really calls out to push the envelope as consumers now have a good opportunity to shop around and see what’s best for their needs. While it might be rather close under the hood, it all boils down to the extra frills that each brand is able to offer.


If you’re looking out for another brand that doesn’t seem to have it’s own dedicated store, it might be found within the Gamepro Shop that curates the rest of the pack.


With generous retail space and an eSports arena in the mix, Gam3.Asia is an attrative venue to visit if you’re in the market for a new addition for your gaming needs. Unlike the typical cramped retail experience that is filled with rack after rack of products, this venue gives you a good chance to trial products to your heart’s desire before pulling the trigger.

Be warned, a trip to the venue will definitely encourage you to bring something home for your troubles.

Gam3.Asia is now open at Marina Square, #02-237/247

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