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Foodpanda Beats Prof Pyg and Killer Croc, Scars Batman For Life

The legend of Batman, more specifically, Batman Bin Suparman, continues to grow.

In an unfortunate incident, a FoodPanda delivery rider got into a fight with his colleague, the aforementioned Batman Suparman, slashing him and landing a few blows with a motorcycle helmet.

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The perpetrator, Eng Guan Hong, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ jail and six strokes of the cane for his role in hurting Singapore’s own “superhero.”

Batman Suparman first rose to fame in 2008 when images of his identity card were circulated, catapulting him into legendary meme status. Instead of being a champion of good, it was reported that Suparman was jailed in 2013 for theft, housebreaking, and taking heroin.

Batman Bin Suparman

The conflict between the colleagues arose after a disagreement over the language used in a WhatsApp chat group with other Foodpanda delivery riders. Eng has sent a voice message in the group, stating that riders who did not sign up for a new Foodpanda scheme were “bodoh,” which means “stupid” in the Malay language.

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Suparman took offence at the use of the term, and asked Eng not to use the word again. The disagreement escalated and the two agreed to meet up near the Foodpanda office to settle their differences.

Eng armed himself with both a 10.5cm-long blade and motorcycle helmet, and rained blows after blows at Batman Suparman’s head. Although there were attempts by bystanders to intervene, but it all failed.

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Foodpanda office

Batman Suparman was then slashed at both his nose and above his ear as Eng charged towards him and aimed the blade at his face.

The attack was only stopped when other colleagues from the Foodpanda office arrived on-scene and managed to restrain him. A police report was then lodged by Batman Suparman at a nearby police station.

The injuries to his face are expected to leave scars when healed, according to a doctor’s medical report.

Eng pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon, with a second charge of causing hurt with the helmet taken into consideration. The premeditation and failure to amicably resolve a minor dispute ultimately led to his punishment.

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As for Batman Suparman, here’s hoping he recovers fast from his injuries and resumes his day job, albeit scarred like a superhero.

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