Five Highlights From The New Birds of Prey Trailer

No matter your stance on the Suicide Squad movie, it’s pretty safe to say that Harley Quinn was everyone’s favourite character thanks to Margot Robbie’s impeccable performance. Now, if you love Harley just as much as we do, then you would have probably seen the Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) trailer. 

On October 1, the Birds of Prey Twitter account went bat-poop crazy with posters before releasing the trailer. If you’re still in the dark about the movie, here are some of the main takeaways from the first look.

Harley No Longer Has Her Puddin’

Following the events of Suicide Squad, it seems Harley and The Clown Prince of Crime have split up, and Harley is left to form an identity of her own. In the DC Rebirth series, Harley becomes somewhat of an anti-hero after her break up with Mistah J and our guess is that part of this movie will be somewhat reminiscent of that storyline.

Harley has always been a well-loved character due to her intelligence and complexity. Fans are hoping that the bulk of this movie would focus on the deep-dive exploration of all the nuances in Harley’s personality.

The Bad Guys

One of the bigger names in this movie, Ewan McGregor, is supposedly playing Black Mask. Which may be confusing due to the lack of his…black mask. Supervillains tend to be pretty straightforward with their aliases but this time, instead of a mask, the costume department has opted for black leather gloves instead.

An interesting addition to the roster is Victor Zsasz, who instead of being a standalone villain, is poised as one of Black Mask’s henchmen. Chris Messina will be playing the deranged serial killer that carves a line into his skin for every one of his kills. 

The Good Guys?

The trailer looks more like a movie adaptation of Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys and although the character lineup is definitely not what the fans were expecting, it is still a decently interesting cast. 

The only members of the Birds of Prey comics featured in this movie are Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Aside from these dangerous dames, we also get to see more badass supporting ladies, with Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez), on a mission to save Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco) from Black Mask, a ruthless crime lord taking over Gotham City.

Harley’s Babies

Any Harley Quinn fan knows that although she loves all animals and would literally kill for them, her iconic pets have always been her two hyenas, Bud and Lou. In the trailer, Harley gets at least one of her hyenas; if the filmmakers are sticking to the comics, then the pink collar means it is Lou. 

The biggest concern is that Lou is not in a lot of the action sequences for the trailer, and we seriously hope this is not going to be another John Wick situation. I don’t think our little hearts could take it.

Maybe A Musical

There are a few pretty surreal scenes in the trailer of Harley lip-syncing, and although Black Canary is the one on stage as a lounge singer, it would not be completely unbelievable if Harley had to perform a number or two. She is known to sing every once in a while, either in private or on stage in front of other villain or henchmen.  

However, due to the distinct cinematic differences between those scenes and the rest of the movie trailer, it is more likely that this is part of an elaborate dream sequence. This would also not be surprising if we look back to the dream sequence in the comics, which featured Harley in precarious situations at the hands of the creators.

Overall, this trailer looks like it’s jam-packed with exhilarating action and hopefully if DC has learned anything from Suicide Squad, they would know to hone in on the intricacies of Harley Quinn’s pysche, instead on turning this into a flat action movie. We shall wait and see. 

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) is set to be released February 7, 2020.