First Looks: Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Park

Universal Studios offers an early glimpse into the How to Train Your Dragon-themed section at their all-new Epic Universe theme park, set to debut next year in Orlando.

This sneak peek comes via a new behind-the-scenes featurette highlighting the Isle of Berk, inspired by the DreamWorks Animation franchise. With a global box office haul of US$1.63 billion across three films and expansions into TV series, video games, and a live-action film in development, the How to Train Your Dragon franchise has seen immense success.

How To Train Your Dragon Park

The Isle of Berk transports visitors to the world of Vikings and dragons, set between the franchise’s second and third films. Universal promises an experience that lets guests live among dragons, featuring attractions, character interactions, dining, and shopping. Highlights include Mead Hall and the opportunity to encounter dragons and characters from the films.

Mead Hall

The featurette showcases interviews with park designers and previews of the immersive world. Universal aims to authentically recreate the films’ rugged setting where Vikings and dragons coexist. This addition to Epic Universe will feature rides, shows, and interactive areas designed for all ages, ensuring that the spirit of the films is brought to life.

The Untrainable Dragon

Developed in partnership with Universal Creative and Dreamworks Animation, Isle of Berk boasts 40-foot Viking statues, three rides, a live show titled The Untrainable Dragon, and themed dining and shopping. Attractions range from Hiccup’s Wing Gliders, a family coaster, to Dragon Racer’s Rally and Fyre Drill, catering to various thrill levels.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders

Epic Universe will introduce five thematic worlds, including the How To Train Your Dragon-themed Isle of Berk, Celestial Park, Super Nintendo World, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic, and Dark Universe. Each world offers unique attractions and experiences, from magical bureaucracies to classic Universal monsters.

How To Train Your Dragon Park

Slated for a 2025 opening, Universal’s Epic Universe promises an expansive and diverse adventure for visitors, building on the legacy of Dreamworks’ beloved characters and stories.