First Looks At Hush From The CW’s Batwoman Is One For Comic Fans

The penultimate episode of the first season of The CW’s Batwoman is set to take darker turn on 10 May, as it will see the live-action debut of one of Batman’s most dangerous foes – Hush. And from the promo trailer above, the bandaged bad guy is looking good.

Played by Gabriel Mann, this version of Thomas Elliot may not exactly share the same origin story as his comic book counterpart, having adopted the Hush persona in response to Batwoman thwarting his nefarious deeds here as opposed to waging a psychological war on Bruce Wayne in the comics.

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Regardless, he looks rather faithfully adapted from the pages of Jim Lee’s iconic artwork.

Just how Hush will cause trouble for Batwoman remains to be seen, though fans of the series could look forward to the fact that he will also be appearing in the season finale as well.