First Look At Diablo IV’s Classes, Enemies And Character Customization

While Diablo IV might still be a work in progress and who knows how long more it’ll make us wait – Blizzard Entertainment continues to make sure fans receive regular updates about the highly anticipated sequel.

In their June quarterly update, Diablo IV art director John Mueller, leader character artist Arnaud Kotelnikoff, and associate art director Nick Chialor offered some new insights and first looks into the upcoming game’s characters, enemies, and character customization.

The blog post showed off some really polished art for characters like Rogue, and Barbarian.

Additionally, it highlighted some of the character’s gear, gritty aesthetics and hyper-realistic art direction for Diablo IV. The developers also shared some visual design for some enemies which looks absolutely terrifying – and we love it.

Most significantly, they finally gave us our first in-depth look at character customization: after choosing from a variety of persona, things like hair, body type, and skin will be fully customized.

Aside from that, each part of your armour can be also dyed separately, whether it’s helmet, chest, gloves, legs, or boots.

This is the first time Blizzard has implemented such a system into any Diablo and the level of details you can see from this update is extremely promising. The developers themselves mentioned they had to overhaul their rendering engines and authoring tools to get to where they are today.

The blog post goes further to share details on organic surfaces, lighting, and artistic details for the game, and we’re absolutely stoked.

While we wait for Diablo II: Resurrected to release in the coming months, it’s without a doubt that Diablo IV is on the right track to give the fans what they’ve truly wanted for so long – a terrifying experiencing into the depths of hell.

Diablo IV is currently in pre-alpha development and has no release date as of yet.