Final Fantasy VII Remake Save Editor Allows You To Play As Red XIII

At this point in time, we’re not surprised if many have already completed at least one playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake. And of course, those who played through it will no doubt have been miffed by the fact that one of the main party members — the canine/feline hybrid Red XIII – is not playable, and only appears as a side character.

Of course, the devs already explained that Red XIII’s inclusion as a supporting character is due to the fact that he gets introduced so late in the game. However, a clever fan by the name of Luciano Ciccariello a.k.a Xeeynamo managed to outsmart the game’s inner workings and got to make him playable to some degree.

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The software engineer and professional game hacker achieved this via an updated version of his Kingdom Hearts III Save Editor, making it compatible with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Through the save editor, he discovered that Red XIII was indeed playable, and the video above shows that players can move him around in combat and attack enemies regularly, though he can’t use magic, materia or limit breaks.

Regardless, it’s still a pretty cool feat, considering we have to wait years for the second instalment of FFVIIR to arrive to be able to play the iconic lab-rat-dog in full.