final fantasy vii umbrella

Final Fantasy VII Foldable Umbrella Can Be Yours This October

Square Enix has made a joke item into a real one. The Final Fantasy VII foldable umbrella comes in black with the Shinra company text and logo, costs US$29.99, and will be shipped to places outside Japan beginning October 2022. In Japan, the umbrella will be available for 3,300 yen from 18 June.

The black umbrella does have a highlight — a red-accented panel on the underside with a silver Shinra logo so it is not entirely in boring black. On the top, it is printed with ‘Shinra Electric Power Company’ on one panel.

According to Square Enix, “This umbrella is a must for any Final Fantasy VII fan or aspiring Shinra employee.” Now we know why there’s a neverending supply of Shinra’s SOLDIER; people get tricked by gadgets like these.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, the umbrella is a joke weapon for Aerith, which has since returned in all the compilation of FFVII games. It can be won at the Gold Saucer on Disc 1 (FFVII came in a three-disc set) and must be obtained before the end of Disc 1, or it will be missed.

The umbrella isn’t as impressive as this fan’s cosplay of Cloud, as titillating as this unofficial figurine of Tifa, or as crazy expensive as this US$12,000 official FFVI statue, but fans of Final Fantasy VII who want to get their hands on this official umbrella can pre-order now on the Square Enix online store. Either find a way to get the Japan product (3,300 yen) shipped to you early or wait for the global release (US$29.99) beginning October 2022.

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