‘Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis’ Comes To PC, With Cross-Save On Smartphones

It sure is a good time to be a Final Fantasy VII enthusiast. Riding high on the hype for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second and upcoming entry in the FFVII Remake trilogy, Square Enix has announced a PC version of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is in development.

Set to release on Steam sometime in the future, the game was first released for Android and iOS devices on 7 September and saw one million pre-registered users before its release. The news, in particular, should find favour with fans in Southeast Asia, where the game isn’t available to play.

Not much else is known about the PC release, except that data will be shared between the mobile and Steam versions. Supposedly, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will remain free-to-play, with all its microtransactions intact. Square Enix describes its synopsis as such:

“Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis tells the never-before-told story of a young Sephiroth. The game is a chapter-structured RPG experience that will cover key elements of the Final Fantasy 7 timeline, including the events of the original game, plus new story elements penned by Final Fantasy 7 Remake story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima.”

There are some causes for concern, of course. As a mobile title, it leans heavily into monetisation and aggressive microtransaction pop-ups, which are bound to turn away potential players. Fingers crossed these elements will be repackaged as standard pay-upfront releases in the PC port, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the trailer for its mobile counterpart:

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is out now on iOS and Android. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch 29 February 2024 on PS5.