Filipino Designer Adds Fun, Playful Star Wars Twist To Funiture Collection

A not-too long ago in a country far, far away, LucasFilm has joined forces with award-winning Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue to release a line of high-end furniture themed after phenomenal fan favourite series Star Wars.

First unveiled in a Philippines-exclusive launch in October 2018, the collection has since traversed beyond the boundaries of its home country to see an official launch in Italy early this year.

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Featuring a blend of Star Wars elements and original, fun designs, the Star Wars collaboration includes an Imperial TIE Fighter Easy Armchair (US$2,700), Imperial TIE Fighter Wings End Tables (US$655), a Darth Sidious Easy Arm Chair (US$2,535), a Chewie Rocking Stool (US$1,345), hanging and floor Jedi Lamps (US$1,800 and US$1,930 respectively), and a Darth Vader Covered Computer Easy Chair (US$4,320).

The collaboration marks an exciting endeavour for the design community, especially since it’s Disney’s very first partnership with a furniture brand. A full description of the sleek collection reads,

Known for the designs that are handmade, nature-inspired, and whimsical, we used these pillars to reimagine the well-loved Star Wars universe to create our own universe inspired by iconic characters and elements. Explore the Flipino designer’s perspective of the global pop culture phenomenon.

– Description of the Kenneth Conbonpue x Star Wars Collection.

Indeed, the creation boasts a complementary mix of borrowed traits and functional features. The Darth Sidious Easy Arm Chair, for instance, sports a higher-than-usual backrest as a nod to the Dark Lord’s hood, with its graceful, dark-accented silhouette pointing to the latter’s formidable and powerful presence.

Meanwhile, the hanging Jedi lamp is decked out in an organised mess of miniature figurines, in which a Sith Lord – as symbolised by the outstanding red model – is battling against an army of grey Jedi Knights.

But perhaps the most recognisable of them all would be the TIE Fighter Easy Armchair, inspired by the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. Crafted with handwoven polyethylene, it almost seems like owners have become own fighter aces in the chair. Almost.

All items in the Kenneth Cobonpue x Star Wars furniture collection will be available in black and whitewash hues across both the indoor and outdoor versions. It’s one pretty sick collaboration, and we sure hope it will arrive on local shores in due time.