Feel like a Videogame Hero and Impress Your Date at the Hirakata Park in Osaka

This scenario should be familiar to all gamers, and many teens with active imaginations – scoundrels arrive on the scene, there’s a damsel in distress, and a hero emerges to save the day.

Too much? The trope of a hero saving the day is as old as games itself, and made many of us believe that we would fare equally well if we were the main video game characters, so now it’s time to put our money where or mouth is.

Now, you can actually be that hero, but the only catch is that you will have to be in Osaka.

Hirakata Park offers a really unusual service for those of you who feel the urge to be a hero, even more so when you are bringing along a date: You can hire your own fake thugs to beat up and impress/surprise others!

Oh Japan, never change.


According to Lmage, these acts of heroism are actually flashmob performances with you in the starring role. It requires a mandatory lecture before you can go save the day, and more importantly, Hirakata Park asks that you do not let your companion(s) know beforehand for maximum impact. With everything in place, all you have to do is show up to the designated spot and get into a random battle against these scallywags!

No surprise then, that there are also other scenarios available, such as bomb defusal.

How long more before other interested parties hone in on the idea?