Villains Take Centerstage As Ubisoft Details Far Cry 6 DLC Roadmap

Ubisoft has revealed more content that will be coming to Far Cry 6.

The Season Pass (which is included with the Far Cry 6 Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s Editions) will include three downloadable content (DLC) episodes that will let players take control of the series’ most notorious villains – Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed.

These episodes will have the villains trying to escape the labyrinthine horrors of their own psyches, with a “die and retry” purgatorial experience based around the defining trait of the roguelite genre. These DLC episodes will definitely be fleshing out the lore of the series, and introduce more complexity to the villains.

Not only that, the DLC episodes can also be played cooperatively with a friend, even if said friend doesn’t own the Season Pass.

Beyond the content that comes with the Season Pass, Ubisoft has also unveiled some of the free content that will enter and expand the Far Cry 6 universe.

First, weekly insurgencies, where every week, after the completion of the main campaign, there will be insurgents rising across the island of Yara as new threats for players to deal with. Second, a total of six special operations with two available at launch where players will be dropped in unique new areas within the Far Cry 6 world. Third, there will also be three crossover missions with guests stars and other popular franchises – Danny Trejo, Rambo, and Stranger Things.

Ubisoft has promised even more content on the horizon. This content roadmap is already highly tantalising, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game.

Far Cry 6 will be released on 7 October 2021 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC (on Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store). Each of the three DLC episodes will be released in November 2021, January 2022, and March 2022. The Season Pass will be priced at S$52.90 (US$29.99).

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