The Dante’s Redemption fan fiction short was conceived a year after Tal Peleg had started working at Naughty Dog, having the great honor of working on The Last Of Us. He started out working in the film industry in 2002, before he headed into the gaming world, first at Visceral Games for an unknown project, where he ultimately got to work on Dead Space 2.

Other than rigging and modeling which was achieved by the hands of top notch talents, Tal Peleg takes on every other department single-handedly. Which pretty much covers all keyframe animations across the board, as well as lighting, matte painting, compositing and VFX!

As an avid gamer and a fantasy fan virtually all his life, he had the privilege to work with the developers of Dante’s Inferno at EA. The limited course of time there was enough to practically change his life, leaving a powerful resonance with the game’s gorgeous artwork. Thus, this piece of fan fiction was born out of his passion and love for the game, and it looks well worth it.

Here’s the plot outline for the trailer:

A fan-made CG short heavily instituted on EA’s Dante’s Inferno, the outline is of a trailer length edit; Dante breaks into hell to rescue his beloved Beatrice who has been taken by Lucifer himself. The trailer focuses on his relentless determination and resolve despite the woes of hell.


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