Silent Hill Ascension Streaming Series

Experience Interactive Intergenerational Horror With ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ Streaming Series

Back in October 2022, Konami finally let everyone in on the company’s plans for the Silent Hill IP, promising to deliver several games that will take a trip back to the past as well as plot the future path of the franchise. One of those new projects is Silent Hill: Ascension, an interactive streaming series that will give audiences the power to impact the story, and now we have more details and a new trailer.

Silent Hill: Ascension will follow multiple main characters from locations around the world,
tormented by new and terrifying monsters. Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to consume people, their children, and entire towns as they’re drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fears.

Whether that will happen eventually depends on the choices of the audience; as the press release explains, “By the time the last scene streams, which characters have survived? Will those who are left be redeemed, damned, or suffer? Even the project’s creators do not know how Silent Hill: Ascension will end. Instead, the character’s fates are in the audience’s hands.”

Silent Hill: Ascension will captivate audiences with its immersive experience, spotlighting
stunning visuals and live community-driven moments, all while exploring the psychological
horror that has made the Silent Hill series so beloved by fans worldwide,” said Jacob Navok,
CEO of Genvid Entertainment.

Silent Hill fans and horror audiences everywhere have a lot to look forward to,” addedMotoi
Okamoto, a producer of the Silent Hill series at Konami Digital Entertainment. “We are
pleased to tell a new interactive story, in never-before-explored locations, alongside new
characters that will be introduced to fans of the Silent Hill universe. It is you who will decide
the fate of multiple main characters, which will unfold simultaneously around the globe.”

Silent Hill: Ascension

The real-time interactive system of Genvid is the big star here for Silent Hill: Ascension, allowing viewers to make decisions to either help characters survive or change their fates across multiple devices, and it remains to be seen just how well that would work once the series is out in the wild.

More details will come in the following months, but it is likely that Silent Hill: Ascension will begin before the end of the year, with daily “can’t-miss live story moments where each day is different than the last based on audience actions.”