Embrace The Strange In Mother Russia With Atomic Heart’s New Trailer

There are plenty of fans of both the Fallout and BioShock series in gaming, but to see a blend of the two would be a welcome surprise indeed. Enter Atomic Heart, which first debuted in 2018, and is best described as a surreal acid trip to Mother Russia with a bold mixture of science and nature.

In a new gameplay trailer, developers Mundfish gave us even more to scratch our heads over. From a giant robot worm soaring through the air, human-life apparatus, telekinesis, to huge plant monsters, there is no doubt that Atomic Heart is aiming for a very specific audience.

Set to be an open-world game that takes place in an alternate universe, players will experience a world where the USSR undergoes an unprecedented technological boom, creating the Internet and even holograms way in advance.

With robots as common as household appliances, it is up to the player, a KGB agent, to investigate an incident at Plant 3826, where the robots have gone mad.

No release date has been set for Atomic Heart, but with the developers once again sharing more about the game, it is likely we will see more throughout 2020 and beyond.

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