E3 2016 Recap: Bethesda’s Press Conference

Following EA’s conference, we have Bethesda’s second conference in as many years. After the bombshell that was Fallout 4 last year, the conference this time round had some intriguing news and updates. Wait no longer, here we go!


Quake is back, and after the success of the recent Doom, I am very excited for Quake Champions. A cinematic trailer showcased an arena-based FPS with uniquely designed characters and combat that is surely dipping its toes into eSports. More details will be incoming at QuakeCon in August.

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A update on the trading card game revealed last year, a trailer was shown for the opening cinematic for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, sowing a story told by the moth priest Kellen. Legends will be release for the PC, iPad, Mac and Android tablets and phones sometime this year.


The never-ending gift that is Fallout 4 will be getting more DLC, with 3 new pieces of content and Fallout Shelter for the PC! The first of the DLC, Contraptions, will hit North America next week, followed by Vault Tech Workshop and Nuka World. Bethesda has confirmed that no further DLC will come for Fallout 4. Definitely interested in Vault Tech Workshop and Nuka World, running your own vault and exploring Nuka World? YES PLEASE.

(The video above contains both FALLOUT and SKYRIM content)


The long rumoured remastered version of Skyrim has now been confirmed. The Special Edition will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will feature mods for the consoles. Graphical enhancements are also included for the remaster. Furthermore, the Special Edition will be available, FREE OF CHARGE, to PC players who already own Skyrim and all its DLC. That’s fan service right there.


Prey, ah, the fabled unicorn. A new take on Prey by Arkane Studios was revealed, and it will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players will be playing as a human on the Talos I space station in 2023, as an alien threat rises on the horizon. It looks gorgeous, and is set to breathe life into this particular IP after the original sequel was shown back in 2011 but never saw release.


The first DLC for Doom was revealed, Unto the Evil, will feature three new multiplayer maps, namely Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual. To further entice new players who have yet to buy the game proper, a demo of the first level will be available starting tonight and for the next week! (not sure about our region though).


The MMO will be getting more content, the The Dark Brotherhood DLC available this Tuesday. The game will also be coming to Japan for the first time on June 23. One Tamriel, which is set to release in fall, was also announced. This will allow characters to be “automatically leveled to content in the world, allowing them to freely group with anyone they want.”


One of the more exciting news to come out of the conference, Bethesda announced that they have two VR projects in development, with both Doom and Fallout 4 getting VR support. Fallout 4 in VR is planned for release in 2017, exclusively for the HTC Vive.


Closing out the conference was Dishonored 2, the critically acclaimed IP from Arkane Studios. Showing off a new demo, we get a look into the new environments of Karnaca, where much of the game will take place in addition to Dunwall. Emily Kaldwin, the young girl from the first game will be playable alongside Dishonored’s protagonist Corvo Attano. There was also footage of Emily’s new abilities, and the addition of time travel to solve puzzles and confound your enemies.
Dishonored 2 will launch on November 11, with a limited run of collector’s editions.


That’s all for the first day of E3, look forward to more news coming over the next few days. As always, keep it locked here on Geek Culture for more news and reveals!