Dungeons & Dragons Rolls Out Crocs Designer Footwear Charms

If you thought that encountering a Giant Crocodile during your adventures was bad, this might be worse.

While not entirely a collaboration made from scratch, the latest charm offerings from Crocs offers the likes of:

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  • A Mimic
  • A Beholder (our logo mascot!)
  • A D20 Dice
  • A Red Dragon
  • A Gelatinous cube
  • And of course… the D&D logo

Dungeons & Dragons has certainly seen a revival over the years but a partnership with Crocs seems…off. Maybe the licensing deal was too good to pass up that the business folks had their perception checks thrown off.

That said, Croc does have its fans and is great for its grip so you can sneak about without slipping.

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Without the Crocs, the charms themselves would be a great buy. If you’re keen, Crocs has them online for $24.99.