Dragon Ball Super Proves That All Good IPs Will Live On Forever!

There has never been a better time to be a working adult. Right now we’re seeing a resurgence of all our childhood loves and if you’re the type that was more into Dragon Ball as compared to Star Wars, you’re in luck.

Perhaps seeing as to how Star Wars Destiny and other collectible/ trading card games has taken the world by storm, the folks at Bandai figured that they wanted a piece of the pie. After all, the bulk of the generation that had grown up reading the manga is itching to rekindle their love for the series. And it certainly comes as no surprise how the company is approaching this.

Featuring some of the most amazing artwork we’ve seen in a card game, Dragon Ball Super is looking to target everyone and anyone who has been influenced by the series. All your old favourites can be found here such as Vegeta, Piccolo and Freiza, to newer fighters such as Beerus and Champa. Confused? If you’re ever watched the trailer for Dragon Ball Fighter Z, you’d even notice a Super Saiyan Blue version of Goku. Seriously, what gives? No matter which generation you’ve started with Dragon Ball, there’s definitely a character you can identify with.

The core of Dragon Ball Super has players recreating all the iconic battles from the anime and manga through careful resource management and comboing cards repeatedly to best your opponent’s power level. Being successful in the early game does not guarantee an assured victory as once your champion has taken sufficient damage, it’ll be time to flip his card over to reveal even more abilities and awaken their true forms. Long, fruitful battles with comebacks that no one saw coming? Dragon Ball Super has plenty of potential for that just like in the manga.

There’s only so much we can describe through the use of text and it probably might be even wiser to give this game a go to see if it’s your cup of tea. The good folks at Qisahn are having an introductory gaming session for Dragon Ball Super in Singapore at their store on 15 October and they want to reward you for taking the time out of our busy schedule to do so.


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Often, such events give new players a leg up into the game with special booster pack deals, the store is going one step further and rewarding S$5 store credit to anyone who turns up for the event and completes the tutorial match. Even if Dragon Ball Super is unable to tug at your nostalgic sensibilities, you gain something out of it so why not? Remember to flash this article on the event day to claim this bonus!

Be warned though, it looks as though this rabbit hole can go pretty deep but right now it would be worth getting into the hobby early as it’s just starting out in Singapore. Make full use of that early mover advantage!