District 9’s Director Niell Blomkamp Teases New Anthem Project

The man behind the movies District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, Niell Blomkamp recently teased some kind of project he is working on for BioWare’s Anthem.

The director took to Twitter to post an image of a Javelin exosuit from the game, along with the caption, “Been working on something new. Really excited to share this soon! #anthemgame, suggesting some sort of work he has been working on with Electronic Arts (EA) and BioWare.

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As Blomkamp did not elaborate any further on what he was doing beyond it being “something new”, we have no way of knowing for sure but fans have put forward a myriad of suggestions, from Blomkamp possibly directing a full-length Anthem movie, to a live-action trailer for the game.

Considering that Blomkamp has previously worked on a few short films for Halo 3, the most popular theory right now is that this might be what he is doing for Anthem as well. This goes in line with BioWare’s statement that Anthem is going to be a lot more narrative-based than other games in the same genre. Hence short films directed by Blomkamp who is known for producing films filled with gritty looking mech armour will certainly help BioWare accomplish that.

Aside from Anthem, Blomkamp has also given his blessings for a highly requested skin from fans of Respawn’s latest battle royale game Apex Legend — a Chappie skin for one of the game’s heroes, Pathfinder.

As of now, nothing concrete has been confirmed just yet, but Anthem will be releasing on February 22, 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There are also reports that player saves on these consoles will be transferable to next-gen consoles when they come out.