Disney+ Korean Sci-Fi Mystery ‘Grid’ Banking On K-Drama Streaming Success

Disney+ is getting another Korean series under its belt with Grid, a mystery sci-fi thriller.

The series involves employees of a secretive government agency called the “Bureau” and a police detective trying to track down a mysterious figure called “the Ghost”. “The Ghost” is a figure who first developed the Grid system to protect the planet from devastating solar winds 24 years ago, only to somehow end up as an accomplice to murder.

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Grid is written by critically acclaimed screenwriter Lee Soo-Yeon (Stranger, Life), directed by Lee Khan (The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful) and Park Cheol-hwan, and stars Seo Kang-jun (Are You Human?), Kim A-joong (Live Up to Your Name), Kim Moo-yul (Forgotten), Kim Sung-kyun (Reply 1994), and Lee Si-young (Sweet Home).

This series expands Disney+’s catalogue of Korean titles, which includes Snowdrop, Rookie Cops, and the upcoming Kiss Sixth Sense and Moving.

Disney Plus Grid

Grid is a Disney+ original under the Star banner, and will be premiering on 16 February 2022. Viewers will be kept on the edges of their seats as the characters’ motives clash and various twists and turns reveal that the truth is more than meets the eye. This is definitely a series to possibly check out.