Death Stranding x Cyberpunk 2077 FREE Patch Out Now, Only On PC

Well, well. Just as we thought Death Stranding was going to be a thing of the past, here’s one more reason to dive back into the United Cities of America. This time, players will get to deck Sam Porter out in Johnny Silverhand’s, er, silver hand from Cyberpunk 2077 in a new patch.

Kojima Productions has announced that the new FREE update for the game has just gone live, and is exclusive only to PC versions of Death Stranding. Specifically, players can find the update on the Steam and Epic Games Store.

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The update itself contains mostly cosmetic options, similar to the Half-Life collaboration in commemoration of Death Stranding‘s release on PC earlier this year.

Here’s what players will be able to receive in the free Death Stranding x Cyberpunk 2077 update:

  •  Cyberpunk 2077 themed Reverse Trike vehicle with improved jumping power
  • “Silver Hand” modelled after Johnny Silverhand’s robotic arm that can be equipped and used in game
  • New holograms including a Samurai symbol signboard and an Atlas Trauma Team vehicle hologram for certain constructions
  • • Several fashion items including Johnny Silverhand’s sunglasses

In addition to the new cosmetics, the update will also introduce a new Hacking function that Sam Bridges can use in combat to disrupt the operations of enemy machines and the like, similar to the Quickhacking feature in Cyberpunk 2077.

Finally, Death Stranding will also be going on sale at 50% off on Steam and the Epic Games Store.