Deadpool Invites You To Turn It Up To 11 At Céline Dion’s Concert In Singapore

Celine Dion’s finally coming to Singapore for her LIVE 2018 Tour, and we’re excited to announce that tickets will go on sale this May!

The queen of power ballad’s been blowing up the internet lately with her song for Deadpool 2, featuring a dance number by the anti-hero himself. Deadpool’s moves blew us away, but her incredible performance was the star of the show; it was a moment of perfection. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

That video only renewed our love for her, and so it’s just perfect that the tickets for her concert will be opening to the public on May 17!

If you’re dedicated enough to be a member of her official fan club, TeamCeline, you’ll get to purchase tickets a few days earlier from May 10-11. If you’re a Singtel customer, you’ll be able to grab your tickets just a day early on May 16. Prices range from S$150 to S$1,200 excluding booking fees, at Sistic or the Marina Bay Sands website.

Celine Dion will make her debut in Singapore on July 3-4 at Marina Bay Sands. No relation to Deadpool.