Deadpool & Wolverine: What We’re Expecting (And Hoping)

They don’t call him Marvel Jesus for nothing. Deadpool has a reputation for saving the day, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in need of a box-office revival, Wade Wilson might just be the miracle it’s praying for, especially with Deadpool & Wolverine on the horizon. Fans are buzzing with anticipation, not just for the reunion of two iconic characters, but for the potential this film holds to reshape the MCU’s trajectory.

With Deadpool’s signature humour and Wolverine’s gritty intensity, this R-rated flick promises to be a wild ride. But what exactly are fans expecting (and hoping for) from this highly anticipated release? From a deeper integration of Deadpool into the MCU, to a cameo-laden extravaganza that could rival any superhero ensemble, the possibilities are endless. 

And let’s not forget the potential for this film to address the MCU’s recent past missteps and pave the way for a proper introduction of its merry mutants, the X-Men. With Disney now at the helm of everything Marvel Comics, we’re eager to see if they’ll let Deadpool unleash his brand of R-Rated mayhem, proving that the MCU can step outside its comfort zone.

1) Larger Deadpool presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) 


The Merc with a Mouth is poised to make a splash in the MCU, and fans are ready to dive in headfirst. Deadpool, dubbed ‘Marvel Jesus’ and we think for his potential to revitalise the franchise, is expected to take on a more significant role in this cinematic universe. Phase Four felt disjointed, but if Phase One was Nick Fury assembling the Avengers, Deadpool can be the glue for a new era as he is fully integrated into the MCU, not merely as a cameo or a one-off appearance. We’re talking meaningful interactions with established MCU characters, witty references that bridge the gap between franchises, and perhaps even a sly wink at the Disney/Fox merger that brought Deadpool into the Marvel fold.

This integration isn’t just about fan service – it’s about unlocking the potential for Deadpool within the larger MCU narrative. It’s a chance to honour the legacy of the Fox X-Men films while paving the way for new and exciting adventures. Imagine the possibilities: Deadpool trading barbs with Doctor Strange, crashing a Guardians of the Galaxy karaoke session, or even offering unsolicited advice to a brooding Thor. The possibilities are endless, and fans are eager to see how Deadpool’s irreverent humour and meta-awareness will shake up the MCU. 

2) We want it hard! A hard R rating that is.

Deadpool & Wolverine

The upcoming film has fans clamouring for one thing: a hard R rating. Deadpool’s signature brand of raunchy humour, graphic violence, and adult themes thrived under Fox’s less restrictive rating system. Now, with Disney’s acquisition, fans eagerly anticipate the uncensored Deadpool unleashed within the MCU. This pairing with Wolverine, another character known for visceral action and mature themes, presents a prime opportunity to push boundaries and deliver the unbridled chaos audiences crave. 

We’ve seen how the MCU often plays it safe, aiming for a broader audience with PG-13 ratings and a family-friendly appeal. Deadpool & Wolverine could serve as a bold departure from this formula, proving that the MCU can embrace darker, more mature content without sacrificing its signature charm. This could be the film that breaks the mould and proves that R-rated superhero movies can be both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. It’s time to give audiences the hard-hitting, hilarious, and boundary-pushing spectacle they deserve.

3) Consequences are absent in the MCU, and Deadpool should bring it.

Deadpool & Wolverine

A common critique of the MCU is its tendency to sidestep lasting repercussions for major events. This lack of consequences often leaves viewers feeling emotionally disconnected from the characters and their struggles. Deadpool & Wolverine has the potential to buck this trend and deliver a story with tangible consequences. Fans are eager to witness the emotional toll exacted on these beloved characters, especially for the X-Men characters from actors we’ll definitely not see again, whether it stems from past traumas, present battles, or the ripple effects of their time-travelling, dimensional-crossing escapades. 

This film could explore the messy reality of superhero life, delving into themes of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, and the heavy burden of responsibility. By showing the characters grappling with the consequences of their choices, the film can forge a deeper connection with the audience and explore the complexities of their heroism. 

4) Cameos. This should not be Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Logan and the same goes for other actors to revisit old roles

Deadpool & Wolverine

Fans are clamouring for a cameo extravaganza – a grand reunion of beloved X-Men characters, both familiar and those who deserve their moment in the spotlight. Whispers of Channing Tatum finally embodying the charismatic Gambit in his iconic trench coat have ignited fan excitement. 

The cancellation of Tatum’s solo Gambit film following Disney’s acquisition of Fox has only fueled these hopes, making a cameo in Deadpool & Wolverine a potential avenue to introduce his version of the Cajun charmer to a wider audience. Leaks suggesting Gambit’s involvement in a resistance group against the formidable antagonist Cassandra Nova further amplifies this possibility. Moreover, the potential for a Gambit and Rogue reunion, with Anna Paquin reprising her role, would be a nostalgic treat for fans of the original X-Men films.

But the cameo dreams don’t stop there. Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine, while a momentous occasion, shouldn’t be his final outing. The multiverse concept, now firmly established in the MCU, opens up endless possibilities for future appearances. 

5) The absurdity of Deadpool should be retained in the MCU

Deadpool & Wolverine

Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) in Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law may have dipped her green toe into the waters of meta-humour in the MCU, but fans are eager for Deadpool to make a cannonball splash into the pool of absurdity. Deadpool is known for his unfiltered humour, fourth-wall breaks, pop culture references, and self-deprecating jokes that leave audiences in stitches. With his unique brand of chaotic comedy, Deadpool has the potential to redefine the MCU’s comedic landscape, injecting it with a dose of irreverent charm. 

Comparisons to She-Hulk are inevitable, but it’s important to note that she actually predates Deadpool in the realm of meta-humour and fourth-wall breaking in the comics. However, Deadpool took those elements and cranked them up to eleven, creating a distinct comedic style that resonated with audiences worldwide. This film presents an opportunity to celebrate that distinct style, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered ‘acceptable’ humour in a superhero film.

6) Correcting the mistakes of the MCU


The MCU, while undeniably a cinematic powerhouse, hasn’t been immune to missteps. The Deadpool & Wolverine film has the potential to cleverly address these stumbles, infusing a dose of self-awareness and humour into the franchise. Imagine Deadpool, the master of meta-commentary, referencing the Jonathan Majors controversy or the complex saga of Loki variants. This could serve as a way to acknowledge past mistakes, poke fun at the franchise’s own foibles, and ultimately signal a fresh start.

By directly addressing these issues, the film could demonstrate that the MCU is listening to its fans and is willing to engage with their concerns. This self-awareness could be a refreshing change of pace for the franchise, showing that it’s not afraid to poke fun at itself and evolve in response to fan feedback.

7) A Proper X-Men Introduction

X-Men '97

The X-Men, a cornerstone of Marvel Comics, have long awaited their proper introduction into the MCU. Deadpool & Wolverine presents a golden opportunity to pave the way for this iconic team. By establishing the mutant presence in this universe, the film can set the stage for future X-Men projects and create a more cohesive and consistent approach to their stories. 

This film could serve as a bridge between the previous X-Men films and the MCU’s future. By doing so, it would not only honour the legacy of these beloved characters but also open up a wealth of storytelling possibilities. The MCU has a chance to finally give the X-Men the grand entrance they deserve, one that excites both longtime fans and newcomers alike. This could be the beginning of a new era for the X-Men, one that is both respectful of their past and optimistic about their future.

As the anticipation for Deadpool & Wolverine reaches a fever pitch, one thing is clear: it’s a potential turning point for the MCU. With its R-rated humour, unflinching look at consequences, and the promise of a deeper dive into mutant lore, this film could be the shot in the arm the franchise needs. Fans are ready for Deadpool to inject his unique brand of chaos into the MCU, revitalising a universe that’s felt somewhat stagnant of late.

It’s a tall order, but one thing is certain: the future of the MCU could very well hinge on this film’s success, and fans are eagerly awaiting the moment they can finally say, “Welcome to the MCU, Deadpool and Wolverine. Now, let’s get this party started.”

Or as they say, LFG!