Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Responds To Death Threats Over Game’s Delayed Release

CD Projekt Red’s latest news of Cyberpunk 2077’s delay till 10 December is undoubtedly a disappointing one, with the studio promising fans just months earlier that it will definitely hit its initial release date of 19 November. 

Fans were so disappointed in fact, that some have taken to sending death threats to the developers of the game to express their anger at the company’s decision to delay a game they have been waiting so long for. 

The death threats have prompted a response from Cyberpunk 2077’s senior game designer Andrzej Zawadzki, who stated that such behaviour is “absolutely unacceptable”, and called for fans to understand that developers are human beings too, just like everyone else.

On their part, CD Projekt Red had been trying their best to hit the November release date, with the developers gradually removing some features and missions from the game to cut down on development time and hopefully push the game out on time. It is evident that a third delay was a move the studio had no choice but to make. 

Furthermore, according to Gamasutra, it is reported that apparently the game developers themselves weren’t aware of Cyberpunk 2077’s delay till they received a company email that was sent out at around the same time that the general public was informed. 

Given how fans have been waiting years for the game’s release, it is perfectly understandable for them to feel upset when another delay is handed to them at such a last minute. But it is ultimately still no reason to vent their frustration on those who have been working hard, having to contend with workplace crunch and overtime, to make the game happen.

We can only hope that the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 don’t let the death threats and other negativity surrounding the delay get to them as they continue working to get the game out by 10 December 2020.