ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024: 10 Things To Get Excited About

For the first time, renowned curated festival ComplexCon, which brings brands and artists together, is stepping out of the United States and landing in Hong Kong, marking its first Asia debut. This cultural extravaganza, which celebrates pop culture in all forms, is set to coincide with Hong Kong Arts Month so from 22 to 24 March 2024, the AsiaWorld-Expo will transform into a hub of creativity and innovation.

Since its inception in Los Angeles in 2016, ComplexCon has been a melting pot of the world’s leading brands and artists. This festival has become synonymous with style, sneakers, art, food, music, and more, under the artistic direction of luminaries like Takashi Murakami and Pharrell Williams. With performances from stars such as Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and Nigo, it’s a highlight in the cultural calendar.

This March, ComplexCon brings its unique blend of fashion, art, music, and technology to Asia. This move offers festival-goers a chance to immerse themselves in the latest creative cultural trends. With early-bird tickets already on sale, attendees are gearing up for an unforgettable experience, including shopping for limited-edition items and enjoying live performances alongside celebrities and influencers.

Here are 10 things (in no particular order) to look forward to.


1) 21 Savage

21 Savage
Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024 heats up with the announcement of Sunday’s headliner – 21 Savage. Fresh off the success of his latest album, American Dream, 21 Savage has captured the world’s attention with over 100 million streams in just one week. All 14 tracks soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, even hitting the number one and two spots. American Dream marks his most successful solo project, boasting 133,000 album units sold in its debut week.

Hailing from Atlanta, 21 Savage has made a significant mark beyond hip-hop. His new album features collaborations with artists like Brent Faiyaz and Mariah the Scientist, showcasing his versatility. He’s also known for his unique flow on tracks with heavyweights like Drake, Travis Scott, J. Cole, and Metro Boomin’.

Catch him at ComplexCon Hong Kong on 24 March, Sunday.


Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

Music label AOMG stands as a powerhouse in South Korea, housing the nation’s most celebrated hip-hop and R&B talents, and four of its best are set to perform. 

Simon Dominic, a rapper from Busan, rose from the underground to fame with hip hop duo Supreme Team. Joining AOMG in 2014 as co-CEO, he later stepped down to pursue his artistry. Known for his dynamic performances, Simon Dominic has hits like his namesake song and launched DARKR8M, a fashion brand inspired by his album Darkroom.

GRAY shines as AOMG’s musical genius, blending his remarkable alto voice with top-tier production. With anthems like Late Night, his signature tag ensures a quality listen. Beyond hits, GRAY mentors rising talents and scored the Netflix film Ballerina in 2023.

Woo Won-Jae, known simply as Woo, made waves on the South Korean rap competition Show Me The Money 6. His EPs, af and comma, showcase his unique hip-hop fusion style, earning him a solid place in the genre.

Coogie, celebrated for his versatility in rapping, continues to impress with tracks like Right Now and Alone, and his bold 2023 EP DIFF.

Watch them live at ComplexCon Hong Kong on 23 March, Saturday.


Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

3CORNERZ, featuring the dynamic trio of Hong Kong pop stars, Edison Chen, MC Yan, and Chef, is set to electrify ComplexCon Hong Kong as the headliners on 22 March, Friday. This marks a long-awaited return to the stage for the group, bringing a surge of anticipation and excitement. Known for their innovative blend of hip-hop, jazz, and funk, 3CORNERZ first captivated audiences with their albums 3Corners in 2012 and its follow-up in 2015. Their recent tracks, GODzilla and LONG, released in 2023, showcase a fresh sound that continues to surprise and delight fans.

Catch them live on 22 March, Friday, only at ComplexCon Hong Kong.



Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

CLOT makes its mark at ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024, a visionary brand brought to life by Edison Chen in 2003. Renowned for its eclectic mix of clothing and lifestyle products, CLOT stands as a cultural ambassador, melding Eastern traditions with Western flair. The brand’s signature approach includes reimagining Chinese motifs through contemporary designs, highlighting Asia’s vibrant youth culture. 

CLOT’s collaborations span global giants like Adidas, Nike, and Supreme, amplifying its mission to celebrate Chinese heritage on a global platform. With a footprint in major cities through its JUICE stores and a thriving online presence, CLOT champions a world without cultural borders, embracing a global streetwear community.

5) VandyThePink

Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

Spearheaded by the Virginia-based, South Korea-born visionary Junghoon Son, VandyThePink infuses Junghoon’s vivid memories and life experiences into its standout, playful designs. Celebrities like Jay Park and NewJeans are fans, and with collaborations from McDonald’s to Clarks, VandyThePink brings a refreshing twist to footwear and apparel. 

6) STAPLE/Jeff Staple

Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

ComplexCon Hong Kong is gearing up for an electrifying appearance from esteemed sneakerhead, designer, and entrepreneur Jeff Staple, who will be gracing the AsiaWorld-Expo, ready to unveil exclusive limited-edition treasures. 

Iconic for the Pigeon Dunk craze, Jeff’s Staple Pigeon brand turned heads and sparked chaos in New York back in 2005, earning its place in sneaker lore. This release, amid the peak of the skateboarding frenzy, caused unprecedented scenes, leading to law enforcement stepping in to manage the crowds at New York’s Reed Space. Jeff’s influence stretches far beyond those infamous drops, collaborating with giants like Nike, Adidas, and PUMA, making each release a race for fans. 


Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

Attendees can look forward to experiencing THUG CLUB, a trailblazing luxury streetwear brand hailing from South Korea. Created by the visionary duo Min and Kwon, THUG CLUB stands out in Seoul’s fashion scene for its edgy and luxurious streetwear offerings. The brand captures the essence of hip-hop’s attitude and freedom, weaving it into every piece.

THUG CLUB has quickly risen to prominence, earning accolades from Korean icons like Zico, Rain, CL, and ITZY, and catching the eye of international stars such as MadeinTYO and 24kGoldn.


Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

Founded by the visionary duo of Pharrell Williams and Nigo in 2003, BBC ICECREAM has become a cornerstone in global fashion, seamlessly blending high-end luxury with the raw edge of street culture. This brand has transcended boundaries, influencing not just fashion but also music, design, and cultural trends worldwide. As ComplexCon Hong Kong approaches, anticipation builds for the exclusive and surprising elements BBC ICECREAM will unveil.


9) Daniel Arsham

Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

Daniel Arsham, a New York-based artist is known for his unique fusion of art, architecture, and performance. Arsham’s creations challenge the norms, with environments showcasing eroded walls and landscapes where nature overpowers man-made structures. His art plays with architecture in unexpected ways, turning everyday experiences into a canvas for imagination. His collaborations stretch into the fashion industry, teaming up with giants like Tiffany, Adidas, Dior, and Porsche. Notably, his partnership with Dior for the SS20 collection brought apparel, jewellery, and accessories inspired by his art.

Arsham also ventured into animation with A Ripple in Time, a Pokémon short that captivated audiences on YouTube and was showcased in Tokyo. His work with Tiffany & Co. has produced limited edition sculptures and jewellery, including a Tiffany blue box and eroded padlock sculptures in his ‘future relics’ style. In a groundbreaking move, Arsham, Tiffany & Co., and Pokémon unveiled a three-way collaboration featuring eroded charms of beloved Pokémon characters such as Pikachu and Jigglypuff, complete with co-branded packaging that includes a Tiffany blue Pokéball.

10) Verdy

Credit: ComplexCon Hong Kong

Excitement builds as Verdy takes the helm as artistic director for the inaugural ComplexCon Hong Kong, marking the event’s first venture outside the United States. Celebrated for his distinctive graphic art with contemporary fashion brands Wasted Youth and Girls Don’t Cry, Verdy’s creative prowess has seen him partner with Kpop sensation BLACKPINK for their Born Pink World Tour and shine as the artist in residence at Coachella 2023. His track record includes influential collaborations across streetwear and high fashion, alongside his role as art director for ComplexCon Long Beach in 2022.

In Hong Kong, Verdy is set to revolutionise the event, spotlighting emerging brands, crafting unforgettable experiences, and curating exclusive limited-edition merchandise.

Feeling the FOMO already? ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024 is set to be a landmark event, promising exclusive launches, groundbreaking collaborations, and a vibrant celebration of street culture from 22 to 24 March 2024.

Available tickets range from HK$380 to HK$980, and can be found on the ComplexCon Hong Kong website.