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Classics DOOM & DOOM 2 Gets Massive Modern Updates

While we wait patiently for DOOM Eternal to melt our brains and eyeballs with the franchise’s signature demon-slaying action, players can now indulge in some nostalgia with both DOOM and DOOM 2 re-releasing on both PC and consoles.

Things are now even better thanks to a huge new update that will not just bring in new content, the ability to quick-save, and for the first time ever, an increased frame rate.

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Players can now play a variety of community-made content for both shooters, including Sigil, a creation of John Romero himself. All these for the price of nothing! If you are worried about a particularly hard section, a quick save is only an R1/RB tap away in the pause screen, while a quick load can be done with L1/LB.

More importantly, all the blood and gore can now be marvelled at in 60fps, up from the original 35fps, making both DOOM and DOOM 2 a smoother and faster experience.

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That is not all, with Bethesda and id Software also adding in a quick weapon selection feature, improved level select screens, and more options for the aspect ratio and brightness. Talk about getting bang for your buck, and nothing quite beats the joy of demon-hunting quite like this series.

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