Classic Boards And Minigames Return In Mario Party Superstars

Nintendo is back once again with another Super Mario game for everyone to enjoy. This time they’re bringing the fans through a tour of Mario Party’s back catalogue with the release of Mario Party Superstars.

Players are able to revisit their favourite moments from past games in the series as Mario Party Superstars will feature five classic boards from the franchise’s Nintendo 64 era. Enhanced versions of boards such as Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land will also be making appearances in the upcoming game.

Furthermore, the nostalgia play does not stop with the boards. The upcoming Nintendo game will also include more than 100 minigames from past entries in the series which might soothe over the poor reception Mario Party 8 had.

Mario Party Superstars

Best of all, Mario Party Superstars will also support online play – either you’re with your friends or random players around the world. Additionally, you’ll also be able to save in-progress online games, which is a handy feature if games are going into overtime as the competitive streak with friends hits a boiling point.

While we do think Mario Party is one of those games best played in person, having online play does give players more options in the modern era.

Mario Party Superstars will be available on 29 October 2021 for US$59.99 on Nintendo Switch. For more information about the game head on to their official website.

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