CES 2021: Sony’s New Airpeak Drone Wields Alpha Cameras And Uses AI For Smooth Video Capture

After a vague announcement back in November 2020, Sony finally unveiled their first-ever drone: Airpeak.

Integrating AI and robotics, the Airpeak caters to professional photographers and videographers who’d like to turn the skies into their very own creative playground when it launches this Spring.

The new drone by Sony is the smallest drone yet for mounting and flying a DSLR or mirrorless cameras like Sony’s very own Alpha series line. The Japanese tech lead also assures that even with a heftier camera attached to it, Airpeak is still “capable of dynamic filming and precise, stable flight”.

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To prove Sony’s intentions to help support creativity to the fullest extent, the company also provided footage of Airpeak in action.

Further details such as price and availability are still scarce since the Airpeak is still a work in progress and will be put through continuous testing in effort to gain as much feedback as possible to make the final version.

Nonetheless, Sony is essentially synonymous with sharp and cinematic image quality, and if Sony intends to blow videographers and content creators away, Airpeak better be a good contender to the beloved DJI camera drones.

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