Capcom’s Next-Gen RE Engine, Codenamed REX, Sparks Hopes Of ‘Dino Crisis’ Revival

The RE Engine has been the powering various AAA titles from Monster Hunter Rise to Resident Evil 4 Remake, but it seems Capcom is just getting started. In a presentation on its R&D channel, the publisher announced a next-generation version of the technology is currently being worked on under the codename “REX”.

The upcoming successor isn’t meant to be a direct replacement of RE Engine. Instead, it will be integrated into the existing engine in phases, with Dragon’s Dogma II being the next game to feature the proprietary technology. While the presentation mostly focuses on the achievements of RE Engine, it also highlights the challenges facing the tech, including limitations on customisation per game, and the need for localisation and translation for ease of use by overseas contractors.

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Despite the technicalities, the engine codename may be of interest to consumers. X (formerly Twitter) user Okami Games brings up, if a little cheekily, the coincidence of its “REX” naming convention: “And yes, it’s pronounced REX as in T-Rex. Dino Crisis fans, make of that what you will.”

It’s wishful thinking, but rumours dating back to 2020 have hinted at a potential Dino Crisis renewal to come. There’s no official word on that, though, and fans are holding onto the glimmer of hope until something more concrete comes along.

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Capcom RE Engine REX

As for RE Engine, development began back in 2017 and eventually debuted in 2017’s Resident Evil 7. An unusual move during a time where developers are relying on established solutions like Unreal Engine 5, it has paid off for Capcom so far, with the company’s releases receiving praise for both their technical and visual prowess.