When two titans collide, only one can emerge the winner.

Fans can debate about who will win in a fight – Batman versus Superman, and knowing the passion of fandom, some folks will denounce any verdict delivered in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

But when it comes to the cameras of Samsung versus Apple, there is no disputing which flagship smartphone has the better, more powerful camera.

The iPhone 6s Plus

Launched last September, the camera on the iPhone 6s Plus sports a new 12MP camera, up from 8MP in previous models. Featuring OIS and several other innovative camera controls, such as autofocus and autoexposure lock, the lens on this phone is the best that Apple has to offer.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Launched this month, the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sports a new 12MP camera, down from 16MP in the previous model. Samsung has rolled out a Dual Pixel image sensor that can record more light details, and has a faster autofocus feature. The f1.7 aperture is also capable of allowing more light in for better low light shots.

D3_S7 edge_silver_2000x1000

The Showdown. #WhoWillWin

We had the chance to test out the cameras on both phones and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is capable of faster autofocusing than the iPhone 6s Plus. In normal day time shots, it also beats the iPhone in clarity and details. But where it is truly noticeable is during indoor and low light shots.

At the recent launch of the 1:1 scale statues and Batmobile replicas from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, I used both phones to snap these photos indoors and outdoors.

And they clearly show that one camera outperforms the other.

In the series of photos below, move the slider from left to right to see each version. The photos on the left are from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the ones on the right are iPhone 6s Plus






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