Call of Duty Movie Discontinued For Now, Says Director

The upcoming Call of Duty live-action movie by Activision has been put on the backburner for an indefinite amount of time, according to Stefano Sollima, the writer/director for the movie.

The Sicario: Day of the Soldado director previously told Italian website Badtaste about this, stating the long-gestating project is currently “in limbo”. Despite this, Sollima did assure fans that it will be “a real movie” at some point in time.

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Well, the Call of Duty film has remained a bit like this … We wrote the script with Scott Silver, [who wrote] Joker, and let’s say that the idea of ​​expanding the universe, the world of Call of Duty.. it is no longer (at the moment) an industrial priority of the group, of Activision … So, trivially, it has stood still, which happens quite frequently there in America.

Stefano Sollima on the delay of the Call of Duty movie.

No confirmation by neither Sollima nor Activision has been given as to when exactly the Call of Duty movie will resume production.

Stefano Sollima

The Call of Duty movie was first announced by Activision Blizzard in 2016, following the company’s desire to expand the games to a more cinematic universe, but has struggled to take flight since roping in Sollima to direct the project.

A principal cast has yet to be formed, with multiple sources stating that Sollima considered the likes of Tom Hardy (Venom, The Dark Knight Rises) and Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) to star as the lead actors, but those plans never fully materialised.