Build These Detailed Sega Saturn And PlayStation Modeling Kits By Bandai

Modeling kit and retro gaming enthusiast will be excited to know that Bandai will be releasing a Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation modeling kit sometime in March 2020

These two models will be part of Bandai’s Best Hit Chronicle line and the models used will be the Sega Saturn HST-3200 and the Sony PlayStation SCPH-1000. Each kit will come with everything needed to bring the systems to life, including a controller. So now gamers can learn more about the inner workings of a console without having to take apart the real thing. It’ll definitely make a great gift for any gamer. 

Each set will retail for 2,500 yen (about S$32.05) which is no doubt a lot cheaper than buying an actual console. Sadly, despite all the effort that will go into building these consoles, they will not be functional but regardless will still make a great conversation piece and a good way to pass the time, 

Bandai will be releasing these kits sometime in March 2020. There does not appear to be any pre-order options available for the consoles right now.