As the go-to guy for analog entertainment within my circle of semi/non-geeky friends, I’ve been tasked with the honorable quest to pick the perfect board game to bring with us on a trip to Bali!

Here’s the challenge, there will be 8 individuals in our group (including myself) and that number basically ruled out a good part of my collection. In addition, there’s the logistically hassle of lugging around a bulky container and the set-up/tear-down time for each title.

In case you are wondering what are the exact titles of each of the games that I’ve narrowed down for consideration, here’s the entire listing from left to right:

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Get Bit!, (foreground) Cards Against Humanity, Bang! The Bullet, Monopoly Deal, Farmageddon

I’ve actually a copy of The Resistance but it’s presently in the clutches of another friend.

My first process of elimination was down to how easily I could pack each title into my luggage. Flying via a budget airline, suitcase space comes at a premium hence it would not be wise for me to lug anything that comes with too many components. So, card games it would be then.

Clothes? Who needs them when you have entertainment!

Next up, the number of players. I found that the ideal player size for board games usually hovers around the 6 players at the most. And from the selected few, only Bang! and Cards Against Humanity makes it into the suitcase!

The best part about these two titles? Once a player is eliminated, he would not be compelled to leave the table right away. This aspect is rather strong as the last thing anyone wants is to have a lone soul moping about waiting for the present round to end and pine for the possibility that the next would start soon enough.

My follow up post, hopefully, would illustrate the playability of these games while on the road. First things first – I will be unpacking Bang! from the original container lest it gets confiscated for being mistaken as an explosive ordinance.

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Gerald currently straddles between his love of video games and board gaming. There's nothing that interests him more than trying out the newest and fanciest gadget in town as well. He dreams of publishing a board game sometime in the future!