BlizzCon 2016: Quick Round Up

BlizzCon 2016, the mecca for all fans of Blizzard Entertainment is happening right now and the company likes to announce what’s in the pipeline for their stable of titles. Why bother with yearly releases when you can polish your existing IPs to a mirror shine?

Depending on where you get your news, it might be hard to catch all of the announcements for BlizzCon 2016 in one place, so we’ve put together the best trailers to whet your appetite.


If you’ve been following closely to the news, Sombra is the latest hero to be revealed and she was leaked a week ago. She looks way too powerful in this short and we’ll be expecting her to be swatted around easily for balance issues.

Blizzard also announced an e-Sports component for Overwatch and this is not the only one they are making at BlizzCon.


Diablo III

Diablo, it’s been a while. If you’ve been out of touch, the Diablo III that you seen now is totally different from what you first saw at launch. It’s been a long journey to perfection but they’ve gotten there. And now, we hail the return of a Diablo II class – the Necromancer.

Step aside Witch Doctor, you’re done.


Then, there’s this. NOSTALGIA!

Heroes of the Storm

If Super Smash Bros had such a simple formula, wonder what more can Heroes of the Storm do to breathe more life into the IP? We’ve got all the favourite characters here but the game still remains the weakest of Blizzard’s titles.


The trilogy is complete and the new World Championship Series officially supported by Blizzard comes into a period where the general public’s interest in the game might be waning. But, it might breathe new life into the game, so that remains to be seen.


This game is AWESOME! And also probably Blizzard’s best IP when it comes to scaling – just look at how Magic: The Gathering is still alive all this while. New expansion, new meta, more cash!

The pay to win aspect of the game is still rather strong but the game mechanics are great if you’ve 10 mins to kill while on the go.