Bite Into Adorable Kirby Desserts At New Takeout-Only Themed Café In Japan

There are many Nintendo mascots, but some are more beloved than others. The ever-adorable pink puff ball, Kirby, has been a fan favourite for years, and Japan just can’t get enough of its appeal.

Case in point — there’s already a Kirby Café in Tokyo with everything from pink hamburgers to Waddle Dee omelet rice, but Kirby Café Petit presents even more options for those with a sweet tooth. The new takeout-only establishment features a menu of cute-looking desserts, with prices ranging from 734 yen (S$7.29 / US$5.47) to 1,556 yen (S$15.44 / US$11.60).

The Star Rod Apple Pie costs the least of the lot, packing in apples, custard cream, and caramelised pie crust for 734 yen. The Pink Shortcake (That Kirby Put A Strawberry On) and Star Block-shaped Almost Cheese Cake trails close with a price tag of 788 yen, while the Maximum Tomato Cheesecake, Invincible Candy Banana Tart, and Star Rod Mango Tart, all priced at 842 yen, bring a fruity tang to the pastry.

Where the Kirby Strawberry Pudding (980 yen) offers a slightly sour touch, the Kirby-absorbing Pupupu Tiramisu (1,566 yen) is topped off with bittersweet cocoa powder. Rounding off the menu is the Warp Star-shaped Milk Bread (1,296 yen), and of course, the smaller version of Kirby Café’s signature: the Car Mouthful Cake PETIT (1,188 yen), featuring a fluffy sponge coated with strawberry-coated blancmange.

Non-menu items include bottled candies in pink, orange, green, and blue iterations (972 yen each), tin cookies (2,160 yen), cat’s tongue biscuits (1,296 yen), and merchandise. The chef-themed Kirby and Waddle Dee plushies (2,530 yen) would make a cute addition to a fan’s collection, but there are also the key chain versions (1,980 yen) if size is a concern.

The Kirby Café Petit is located in Tokyo Station, with a second branch slated to open in Osaka on 26 April.