Bethesda’s New ‘Redfall’ Trailer Welcomes Players With A Look At Vampire-Infested Island

Goodbye zombies, and hello vampires. The blood-sucking creatures have recently re-entered the spotlight, spurred by the popularity of V Rising and Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt, and Arkane Studios is adding its own spin to the vampire action in Redfall.

Apart from frenetic first-person shooter thrills, the game is set to feature dark, spooky environments, as revealed by a new trailer. In it, the island of Redfall looks suitably eerie, with the four playable characters showing off their abilities and putting bullets into the vampire horde. A six-minute gameplay footage had previously offered a first look at combat during the Microsoft x Bethesda showcase.

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A description of Redfall reads, “Slay alone or squad up for up to 4 player co-op in Redfall, an open-world story-driven FPS from the creators of Dishonored and Prey. The town of Redfall is under siege by a legion of vampires who have cut the island off from the outside world. Trapped with a handful of survivors, choose from a roster of heroes to create the perfect team of vampire slayers and take back Redfall. Bite Back when Redfall launches in 2023!”

The vampire shooter is due to arrive sometime in 2023, but was originally scheduled for a 2022 release. That, along with the delayed Starfield launch, means that Bethesda will have an empty slate for the year.