Battleborn: Enter Solus – Press Kit Unboxing

“For Every Kind of Badass”

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One thing is for sure, when it comes to press kits, 2K by far has whipped out hit after hit and the latest one for Battleborn is a keeper!

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Unsheathed from the box, we see Battleborn’s key art in all it’s glossy glory.

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And it opens up to reveal a whole lot of cool loot!

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The fastest way to get aquianted with all the factions in the game would be through a spinning wheel. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen one of this.

Delving into the box proper, we find even more semblances of old school gaming. This is a manual that one would usually get in the game box.

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Filled with nothing but awesome character art and descriptions of abilities, we could easily see ourselves pouring over this manual in school when we’re away from the game.

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Pins representing each faction, pick your side!

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Careful, pretty things can be sharp.

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With 25 champions to choose from, it might get tricky identifying each of name from memory. Thankfully, this pack of cards will easily help you out with that.

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But wait there’s more. This huge box is two-tiered so there are even more treasures to uncover!

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And the reveal is…even more Battleborn champions but now in statuette form.

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The only faction missing here are the folks from the LLC with an additional Eldrid figure taking its place. The coolest thing that I would like to highlight would be the bases that are included with the figs. We’re getting pretty awesome stylized bases as opposed to the more common circular ones.

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Getting up close with the Eldrids, we start off with Thorn and Miko.


Miko has more than meets the eye.

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Eye see you!

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Representing the Jennerit would be Rath. Looking absolutely like a Sith lord right here.

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And the biggest fig of them all goes to Montana from the Peacekeepers, naturally.

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However, my favourite one is the box has to be Orendi from the Rogue faction. The colour tone combined with the sculpt and paint makes him look like a different character from varying angles.

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Badass indeed.

Battleborn is currently in stores right now, do check out the review for our thoughts of the game.

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