Basshunter Is Back Playing DOTA After 15 Years; Or, Maybe, He Never Left

Basshunter is back again, sitting in Ventrilo playing DOTA.

Swedish DJ Basshunter (Jonas Erik Altberg) returns in a video promo for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood after 15 long years with his song on DOTA.

The titled “Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA” was released back in 2006 and had garnered much attention due to its lyrics, music video and affiliation with the renowned game. It was released as the second single from his first album LOL.

The music video was known for its incredulousness as it opens with Basshunter’s mother opening a door to him and his friends sitting in front of computers. After telling him he’s playing too much DOTA, the song sets off with Basshunter singing “Vi sitter I Ventrilo och spelar DotA”. The lyrics of the song in Swedish translates to “We’re sitting in Ventrilo, playing DOTA.” This was back when Ventrilo was widely used before Discord became a thing and DOTA was still a mod within the game Warcraft III

After all, who knew that a song based off DOTA would become an unofficial anthem over the years.

Fast forward to 2021, he’s back again. Even though he didn’t remix or release a new drop, Basshunter is still sitting at the PC playing some good old DOTA in this new music promotional video.

The video is part of Netflix’s marketing efforts for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. (Check our review here). Now that the revival of the song is nigh and the series being released, it’s the perfect time to take an evening off to reminiscence and sink back into the world of DOTA all over again.

We swear there must be a memelord in the ranks of Netflix or their marketing team who is able to reach so deep into DOTA’s history and pull this one out.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will release 25 March on Netflix.