Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour Now Live!

The Discovery Tour mode for Assassin’s Creed: Origins is now live and what an amazing update it is! It takes the wonderfully created ancient Egypt world and turns it a interactive museum. Let’s go budding Indiana Jones types!

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The update clocks in at just under 6Gb and features over 70 interactive tours that give you detailed insights into the region, buildings, people and art of the time. When a tour starts you walk down a highlighted path that snakes through the region and as you hit checkpoints you get narration and photos about what you are looking at.

The information that is presented is very detailed and you can learn a lot from it. There are even insights from the developers at certain points where they explain the design process and why they changed certain things that might not be historically correct. I cannot stress how wonderful this mode is. If you ever wanted to learn about ancient Egypt, this is a legitimate way of doing it. I bet even some schools will use it in history class as a learning aid. Fantastic.

The Discovery Tour is a free update for all platforms which is amazing in this day and age and I hope that Ubisoft add it to the next Assassin’s Creed game. Or maybe to all of their games…