Apple Announces New Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 keeps the compact size of the Apple Watch while giving even more screen space. 20% more screen space compared to the Series 6, in fact. The borders are 40% thinner, maximising the screen area without having to change the dimensions of the Apple Watch itself.

This really is a case of having one’s cake and eating it too, because the device retains the convenience and comfort in terms of form factor while having a more generous display for increased readability. Indeed, the improved display can show about 50% more text than the Series 6. This is bolstered by the Always-On Retina display that is 70% brighter indoors compared to the Series 6, making it easier to view and parse the watch face.

The Series 7 is also more durable than its predecessor, with a stronger and more crack-resistant front crystal, an IP6X dust-resistant rating, and a WR50 water resistance rating, all of which make the device a rugged one, which is important given the device’s focus on encouraging users to be more active.

The Apple Watch Series 7 still boasts a hearty 18-hour battery life while charging 33% faster than the Series 6. This is due to the new charging architecture and the Magnetic Fast Charger USB-C Cable.

It does everything the Series 6 does – measuring blood oxygen level, monitoring ECG, monitoring heart rate, and so on. But, the Series 7 can do even more.

With the new watchOS 8, beyond the new watch faces (Contour which takes the dial right to the edge and animates to emphasise the current hour, and Modular Duo which use the extra screen space for two data-rich centre complications), there are the new Mindfulness app, sleep respiratory rate tracking, and Tai Chi and Pilates workout types. All these come together to bring even more versatility and flexibility to how users can find the ideal and most comfortable way for them to integrate the Apple Watch into their daily routines.

The watchOS 8 also introduces features for bike riders. With advanced algorithms that analyse GPS, heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope data, the Apple Watch can detect when the user is starting a ride, and will prompt them to start an Outdoor Cycle workout. Cycling workouts will also automatically pause and resume as users go stationary and as they resume riding. The fall detection safety tool is also updated and optimised to include cases of falling during cycling.

As the best workout buddy in device form one can ask for, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be complemented by Apple Fitness+. This is the first fitness service built entirely around the Apple Watch, and it brings easy-to-follow guided workouts of various styles by various trainers to the Apple ecosystem. With Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, and more, Apple Fitness+ gives users a lot of ways to get active and stay active. The Group Workouts feature powered by SharePlay also allows users to workout with up to 32 people at a time, letting people workout together remotely.

The Apple Watch Series 7 unveils five new aluminium case colours – midnight, starlight, green, blue, and red. It is also backward compatible with previously released Apple Watch bands.

All the Apple Watch Series 7 models will be available later this fall, with the price starting from US$399. The watchOS 8 will be available for the Apple Watch Series 3 and later on 21 September 2021, and will require an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later.

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