Apex Legends Saviors

‘Apex Legends: Saviors’ Introduces Shield-Based Hero Newcastle To Save The Day In New Season

With the Season 13 of Apex Legends coming on 10 May 2022, there will also be a new Legend for players to try out. This new season is dubbed Apex Legends: Saviors, and Respawn Entertainment’s genre-bending free-to-play battle royale shooter is going to feature an overhauled Storm Point map alongside the new Legend.

The new Legend is named Newcastle, and he is clearly a support-based character, fitting for the new season’s ‘Saviors’ tag.

Apex Legends Saviors

His passive ability is ‘Retrieve The Wounded’, which allows Newcastle to drag downed allies and protect them with a Revive Shield while they are being revived. His tactical ability is ‘Mobile Shield’, which creates a mobile energy shield using a controllable drone. Finally, his ultimate ability is ‘Castle Wall’, where Newcastle leaps forward and slams down on an area, forming a physical protective wall.

It is clear that Newcastle is defence-oriented, and it fits the Ranked Mode update that rewards teamwork more. Lore-wise, Newcastle is the alter ego of Jackson Williams, the brother of another Legend, Bangalore. It is narratively intriguing as Bangalore has been trying to find her brother, who seemed very likely to be dead. Now that we know he’s alive, it’d be interesting to see how the siblings’ story unfolds in the game.

Apex Legends: Saviors will go live on 10 May 2022, and Newcastle is a Legend that support players will want to try out for themselves.