Amazon Rolls Out Virtual Queue System For Disney Lorcana’s ‘Rise Of The Floodborn’ Expansion

Given the continued success of Disney Lorcana, getting hold of any product at regular prices these days is hard to come by. But as we head into the holidays and Lorcana’s second expansion ‘Rise Of The Floodborn‘ out in the market right now, Amazon has stepped in to lend some of their technological might to folks who would love to get hold of the trading card game.

Plus, it looks like the product is shipping internationally as well!

Starting at 12 PM EST or 9 AM PST on 1 December 2023, the mission is to head on over to Ravensburger’s Amazon page to attempt to get hold of some Lorcana product. The process is rather straightforward and it all comes down to a ballot. Once the pages go live fans will be entered into a virtual queue for the products. Following that, (and if you’re fortunate enough to get an allotment, invitations will be sent via your email to purchase your selected products.

There will be a 72-hour period for fans to complete their purchase, or the allocation will be passed on to the next fortunate individual.


From what we can tell, the following items will be available for purchase –

Each person will only be able to check out two of each item so it makes sense to first grab as many Lorcana booster boxes and then grab the starter kits if you’re new to the game.

While it might be easy to go mad in the frenzy, these boxes should not be bought for speculation as Ravensburger has said they would continue to print as many cards as possible to meet demand.