Classic Christmas Movies Overrun Magic: The Gathering’s 2023 Holiday Card Drop

Hitting the cinema during the Christmas holidays is a tradition for some families and with the Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering family, it’s probably the case as well!

For 2023, we have the promotional “Seasonal Sequels” card which seems pretty hard to pull off in play. Even, if your table allows it.

Featuring our favourite homunculus Fblthp, the card parodies Christmas movie classics Die Hard, Elf, Eight Crazy Nights, Gremlins, Holiday Inn, and Home Alone.

As we head into Ravanica Remastered to kickstart 2024, the appearance of Fblthp should not be a surprise with him being tucked in the bottom right corner.

In the meantime, getting hold of sleeves is always a good fallback for your TCG-crazed friends!