All Brides Can Now Transform Into Sailor Moon With These Wedding Gowns

30 June is a special day for Sailor Moon fans everywhere as it is also the birthday of the titular Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino. Not just that, this date has been made even more significant thanks to the surprise reveal of the Mariarosa X Sailor Moon Wedding Collection.

What better way is there to live out your magical girl fantasies than to don on a gorgeous wedding gown inspired by the hit anime classic. The design for the outfits in the collection was even overseen by the series creator Naoko Takeuchi herself. The collection will include rental wedding dresses, tuxedos and even Sailor Senshi gowns for the bridesmaids.

The first dress that caught our eyes was none other than the Classic Usagi Wedding Dress which reflects elements from Usagi’s iconic white and blue Sailor uniform.

The white bodice of the gown dips into a V at the waist, reminiscent of the leotard worn by Sailor Usagi. Instead of her blue pleated skirt, a long white skirt draped in rich blue tulle-like material cascades out from beneath the bodice. The bodice is even completed with an embroidered blue sailor collar and Usagi’s big red bow.

From the empire waistline to the gold hoops and pearls intricately woven into the fitted bodice, this second dress is clearly inspired by Princess Serenity’s gown. The Princess Serenity Dress is completed with a lavish chiffon-like skirt and a huge white gauzy bow that trails beneath the low-cut back.

The next dress below is aptly named the Sailor Moon Dress. The bouffant skirt is adorned with silver planetary symbols representing the five Sailor Senshi and the bodice comes with an optional collar that is again reminiscent of the Sailor Moon uniform. The entire dress is covered in a sheen of glitter that gives the wearer an almost ethereal look.

Surprisingly, the next dress draws inspiration from Luna’s (a black cat and mentor to Usagi) brief stint as a human in the Sailor Moon manga side story, The Lover of Princess Kaguya. The asymmetrical yellow dress, with layered purple tulle spilling out from underneath it, is a purrfect ballgown adaptation of the dress worn by Luna.

The next 2 gowns add an extra splash of colour to the collection with their rich pigments which reflect the hues of the Senshi. The Five Sailor Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon Image Dress has the colours of all five heroines while the Four Outer Senshi Image Dress has that of Sailors Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The last gown, Usagi Wedding Gown, comes right out of the pages of the manga, with the rose topped white gown being the replica of the wedding dress worn by Usagi during her wedding scene. A matching tuxedo worn by Mamoru (a.k.a Tuxedo Mask) in this scene is also offered by Mariarosa.

For the lucky groom, there is also another tuxedo option available. The Tuxedo Mask Set is designed directly based off Mamoru’s alter ego. The black tailcoat is embellished with gleaming gold buttons and accompanied by a white inner shirt and bow tie. The outfit can also be decorated with a velvety cape lined with a maroon inner layer and a top hat.

The full Sailor Moon wedding collection will be released in August but they are accepting reservations in Japan now.