Adult Swim Greenlights ‘Rick and Morty’ Anime Spin-Off With ‘Tower of God’ Director

The dimension-hopping duo that is Rick and Morty will soon continue their misadventures yet again, albeit in a different form. As reported by THR, Adult Swim has greenlit Rick and Morty: The Anime, a ten-episode spin-off that’s set to be helmed by Tower of God director Takashi Sano.

Rick and Morty anime

While Sano will feature themes and events of the main series, the anime iteration is described to be a standalone and original work. “The multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the gang pose challenges to the family bond, but they always rise to the occasion,” Sano said in a statement. “It’s such a life-affirming sight, and Jerry is no exception.” He adds, “I am honoured to have been given an opportunity to tell a new story about this amazing family. I hope you enjoy their adventures!”

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This isn’t the first time that the Emmy-winning show has threaded upon the waters of anime. During the hiatus of its fourth season in 2020, a six-minute short film titled “Samurai & Shogun” took on a presentation that was heavily themed around anime, specifically Lone Wolf & Cub. Sano later directed the second and third shorts in the Rick and Morty universe — “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” and “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)” — that garnered more than 10 million combined views on Adult Swim digital platforms.

The company has also ordered the anime series Ninja Kamui from director Sunhoo Park of the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 fame. It follows Joe Higan, a former ninja who escaped his clan and is hiding from his violent past in rural America with his family. One night, his family is ambushed by a team of assassins from his former organisation, forcing Joe to re-emerge as his former self, Ninja Kamui, to avenge his loved ones.

Both Rick and Morty: The Anime and Ninja Kamui are currently in production and will premiere on Adult Swim and HBO Max. Casting details and a release date have yet to be announced.