Adobe Photoshop Is Now Optimized And Runs Natively On Apple’s M1 Processor

Finally, we don’t have to put our MacBook into the freezer every two hours after running photoshop!

The new update for Adobe Photoshop is optimized for the newest MacBook with the Apple M1 chip. The new version will allow Photoshop to perform up to 1.5x faster than before. That means when you download Adobe Photoshop onto your new 2020 Apple MacBook Pro, the new version will immediately be installed and run the application more efficiently. Hopefully, this means no scorching hot computers.

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According to Vice President of Adobe, Pam Clark, the notoriously long loading page will launch much faster. Along with features like Content-Aware Fill, Select Subject, Running filters, opening and saving files will run without a hitch.

There are some actions that haven’t been updated, like Invite to Edit Cloud Documents and Preset Syncing. Clark advises using Rosetta 2 to run the application for those features for now.

Before this, Apple users had to download Rosetta 2 to be able to have features that were not available on OS X. Using the updated version, no additional software is needed and any issues that you encounter can be fixed with guidelines on Adobe’s website.

There are more updates on the iPad and Super-Resolution in Adobe Camera Raw Plugin for the MacBook as well. Read more here.