A Little Known Arthurian Tale Comes To Life With A24’s The Green Knight Trailer

After a year of delay, David Lowery’s and A24’s retelling of the poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, titled The Green Knight will finally be hitting the theatres. The poem dates back to the 14th-century Arthurian era and is famously translated from Middle English by J.R.R Tolkien in the 1920s.

The original story follows Sir Gawain played by Dev Patel, the youngest member of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and his misadventures on a quest to honour a bargain he had with the Green Knight played by Ralph Ineson. Lowery’s film seems to showcase just that but with a more creepy and gory adaptation.

From the trailer, the knights of the round table are seen meeting with the Green Knight where they are offered a beautiful axe. The catch is, to possess the axe one knight will have to behead the treelike giant once in order to keep it, and in a year’s time, he’ll need to come back to the chapel to receive one strike in return. The brave knight who steps up? Dev Patel’s Sir Gawain, of course.

Although The Green Knight appears to have kept most of the plot details the same, Lowery seems to have stripped the gallantry and magic found in the original romantic poem, focusing more on a much darker and sinister tone. The audience can expect to spend most of their time following Gawain in his quest to find the green chapel where he meets all manner of monsters, Kings, and temptations.

The Green Knight

The Green Knight was originally scheduled for release last year but due to the global pandemic, it has been pushed back and can be expected to premiere on 30 July. Distributor A24 hopes to give the film a larger theatrical release when more cities open.