2019 SEA Games: Team Singapore’s Blysk Bags First Silver Medal For StarCraft II

It’s not the grand dream that Team Singapore and Resurgence representative Thomas “Blysk” Kopankiewicz may have wished for in his StarCraft II outing at the 2019 SEA Games, but it’s a personal victory that he’s very, very happy to take.

Photo credit: Razer

Following an impressive performance in the Losers’ Finals on December 6, 2019, the esports player managed to secure a spot in the Grand Finals, which saw him going up against Filippino Zerg player Caviar Napoleon “EnDerr” Marquises-Acampado. It was not all fun and games, however, as Blysk eventually fell 1-4 to his opponent, and had to settle for a silver-medal finish.

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Despite the loss, the 24-year-old remains satisfied with his showing at the biennial event – and he’s well within reason to feel that way. Between the difficulties faced in the approval process of his Singapore citizenship application, and the initial rejection by the Singapore National Olympic Council, his journey to the SEA Games was not exactly smooth-sailing.

Fortunately, the Singapore Esports Association stepped in with a successful appeal, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Hearthstone bronze medallist, Chew Khai Kiat.

Blysk’s achievement is the latest addition to the nation’s medal tally in esports. Earlier in the week, Chew Khai Kiat also placed third for Hearthstone, securing a bronze medal in the bag.

For a debutant category at the Games, both outings are certainly encouraging. Congratulations on a job well done, and here’s to more esports glory in the near future.