10 Worst Movies Of 2021

After a sad year for movies in 2020, 2021 saw the entertainment industry bounce back to deliver major highs. The year delivered edge-of-the-seat action moments in Fast and Furious 9, unforgettable fan moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and stunning cinematography in Dune. Unfortunately, there were some flops that made it to the big (and small) screen. Whether it’s due to its poor storytelling, terrible effects or just downright bad acting, here are 10 of the worst movies of 2021. 

Ps. They’re arranged in alphabetical order!

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Coming 2 America 

An insanely repetitive, obnoxious sequel to a favourite 80s classic, Coming 2 America lacked original talent and jokes of its own. Just like Space Jam: A New Legacy, there’s only so much nostalgia can do for a film. Actor Eddie Murphy also lacked the groove as King Akeem. 

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes 

Snake Eyes was a bafflingly terrible franchise reboot that seemed to miss everything about its IP’s central appeal. The characters were flat, the action was boring and the movie lacked cool weapons and vehicles. The very handsome Henry Golding starred as the famous ninja turned G.I. Joe special forces commando in the franchise prequel that did not even explain how he became a mute, scarred ninja.

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Halloween Kills 

Halloween Kills killed Halloween for us. This sequel to a magnificent reboot of an iconic and beloved horror franchise became the very thing it mocked, and turned repetitive and stupid. With poorly written characters and too many scenes that will make you go “WTF?”, this was a movie that should have been killed from the moment it was conceived. 

He’s All That 

An unwatchable reboot of a classic Cinderella story for anyone above the age of 11 – it’s all that and more. He’s All That sees an influencer who specializes in makeovers bet that she can transform an unpopular classmate into a prom king. It’s been dubbed substandard, superficial, and utterly forgettable. 


Unless you love offensive movies, Music is proof that some people shouldn’t be directors. Directed by singer Sia, the film cast neurotypical Maddie Ziegler in the role of a character with autism, and turned the poor depiction of neurodivergent people into a musical.

Red Notice 

Perhaps one of Netflix’s most expensive movies made in 2021, Red Notice is just Dwayne Johnson being Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds being Deadpool without the spandex. Oh, and the movie was made with a proper scriptwriter apparently. The movie was littered with lame jokes and lacked charm, no matter how sexy Gal Gadot looked in her fancy dresses. 

Space-Jam: A New Legacy 

Banking heavily on nostalgia and the marquee name of NBA player LeBron James to pull in the crowd, Space Jam: A New Legacy attempted to continue the legacy of the 1996 original, but struggled to do so. Although filled with eclectic visuals, the movie was unfunny and feeble. 

Thunder Force 

Thunder Force is a loud and obnoxious superhero satire film similar to My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Mystery Men minus the laughs. Even with two amazing actresses as leads – Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy – the unfunny film had a terrible script and was all in all laborious. You can’t force anyone to watch this movie. 


Vanquish followed Ruby Rose as a woman blackmailed into clearing a city of crime and corruption. It was essentially a derivative and shallow rip-off of John Wick, minus the cool action. 

Venom: Let There Be Carnage 

The only thing good out of Venom: Let There Be Carnage was its post-credit scene. Even though the movie made bank at the box office, the two hours leading up to that credit scene though, was full of sub-par acting, poor script and badly written characters.